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About The Museum

The Museum of Selfies in Tbilisi Georgia is a very unique place in the city with its interactive and modernly designed Pavillion. A place where visitors have the opportunity to take many impressive, funny, and unique pictures. This museum is a 600sq ft area which contains 30 different platforms of distinctive areas, which makes it open to people of all ages and their own personal tastes.

Employees working at the Museum of Selfies, take into consideration of people with all kinds of personal interests since we value their experience and strive to make it a memorable and overall fun experience for anyone who visits. Customers only need their phones and any type of camera to experience all the amazing things our museum has to offer.

What our visitors said

“Best place to have fun with friends and take good pictures. I’m in love with this museum, there are many kinds of rooms and you can choose”

Kara LucasArtist

“Probably the best place for photos in Tbilisi. the atmosphere was awesome, I had a great time at your place... I definitely liked that you have a very modern style. also, an important fact is that there is a Super friendly staff. Highly recommended place.”

Alex CohenTraveler

“The place is much more beautiful than what you see in the pictures
The staffs are very kind polite and very helpful
You can enjoy hours without limitation and take hundreds of photos as you want
Had I ever known about such a wonderful place before I would probably be visited sooner.”

Jake SmithStudent

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase tickets?

    You can purchase tickets upfront once you enter.

How much is a ticket?

Ticket price is 10.00 GEL

How do you pay at the front?

     You can pay the fare by cash or card.

Is it advised to make a reservation beforehand?

     Reservations are not needed.

Do I have a time limit once I enter, if so how long does it take to see the whole museum?

     The amount of time to see and experience every exhibit is about 1-1.5 hours. You do not have a time limit and have the opportunity to stay as long as you feel the need to.

Do you have a photographer available?

     If you wish to have your photos professionally taken, you need to book at least 2 days ahead. Our photo sessions are an hour long and will cost 150 GEL. You can book a personal photographer by email at or call us at 0322 193 197.

Can I change my attire for different areas of the museum?

    You can take use of our lockers, where you can safely store your personal items and have the chance to change outfits.

Are the lockers safe to use?

     Our lockers are safe and guaranteed that no one can open if locked, yet the museum does not take any accountability for lost or stolen items.

Is it possible to place items in the exhibit in different areas?

    It is strictly prohibited to take any of the museum’s personal items and move them around to different locations

What happens if I damage any of the equipment?

    If any item gets damaged, the price will be calculated and you will be charged accordingly.

Can I bring my pet?

    Despite the fact that we are friendly towards every animal, pets are strictly prohibited from entry.

Can I bring food/drink into the museum?

     Bringing food or any kind of beverage into the museum is not allowed.

Could we use the museum for any events such as wedding photos or any other commercial photoshoots?

      Of course, you can contact us for further details at our email or give us a call at 0322 193 197.


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Address: 19 Kote Marjanishvili St.

032 219 31 97

The museum is open to the public every day, except Mondays, from 14:00 to 21:00.